About UVG Ltd.

About UVG Ltd.

UVG’s core philosophy is one of effectuation. UVG emphasizes the importance of directional correctness while recognizing the next appropriate steps on the path. Practical activity is more important than endless detailed planning. Only through direct contact with the market and technology can business leaders gain real insight into business opportunity.

“A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.”
- George S. Patton

The UVG team is dedicated to addressing the challenges of the most advanced innovation-based business. Whether a start-up or more well-established firm, the UVG team provides capital access, sales, market, and operations know-how that can make a difference today.

Dave Brownstein engages technology founders, transforming the promise of a new venture into real profit. He has spent over 16 years as a technology entrepreneur, helping drive five ventures in the information technology industry.
Formerly of Bell Labs, Dave helps identify the core value of technology and create organizations that facilitate capturing that value. Throughout his career, Dave has led organizational transformation, guiding teams to achieve their full potential. Dave specializes in defining and maximizing the value an organization brings to its customers.View Dave Brownstein's profile on LinkedIn

Geoffrey Bibo is a dynamic, successful professional with 16 years of marketing/sales and general management experience focusing on marketing, revenue generation, strategic alliances, IT, operations, and M&A.
Geoffrey’s background spans startups to Fortune 500 organizations and includes knowledge in software, e-commerce, professional services, wireless communications, and electronic security. His achievements include proven ability to lead organizations to accelerate growth by effectively blending marketing, IT, operations, and best practices to design and execute innovative strategic offerings.View Geoffrey Bibo's profile on LinkedIn

Burr Zimmerman, PhD blends a deep understanding of science and technology with strong commercialization focus. Burr has held roles in the pharmaceuticals and medical device industries, and earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering, focusing on advanced materials and Nanotechnology. Burr's technical background includes advanced materials, energy (renewables, bioenergy) biotech (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology) and chemicals (materials, process, economics) technology. Burr’s work in non-dilutive funding has led to over $140 million dollars in awards to his clients.View Burr Zimmerman's profile on LinkedIn