Case Studies

Case Studies

UVG has helped dozens of clients meet their goals for commercializing technologies, managing enterprises, and funding new ventures. Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Case Study Spotlight:

Based on a business model created by UVG, EWI created a new startup, Fabrisonic, and raised $3.3 million in funding.
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UVG ... speak[s] fluently in both the language of business and the language of high technology. UVG ... assimilate[s] complicated technical and business concepts and distill them into language that clearly articulates the concept. This ability is clearly demonstrated in the quality of their business and technical writing. UVG consistently delivers. -- Mark Norfolk, President, Fabricsonic LLC

Core R&D Funding

A UVG client sought to augment internal R&D funds with a Federal R&D grant. UVG provided highly technical guidance to enhance the experimental plan, as well as developed a project management plan to support the effort. After identifying several missing elements in the narrative, UVG wrote key sections to ensure the grant met all requirements. UVG also identified a key collaborator to add necessary scientific credentials to the proposal.

Client Testimonials

The service that UVG provides is more than “grant writing”. UVG provides strategy, insight, and deep understanding of our technology and our business. I have worked with firms similar to UVG, and I know of no other organization that combines the level of service, technical prowess, and commercial experience that UVG delivers. I highly recommend UVG for grant writing and much, much more. -- Dr. Jed Johnson, CTO and Founder, Nanofiber Solutions, Inc.

Burr is an invaluable member of my team. He is a strategic thinker; able to quickly understand a technology and then identify the discriminators that make that project stand out. I can always rely on him to produce high quality products in an efficient and timely manner, on even the most challenging projects. -- Deidre Torrey, Client Services Manager, ITECS Innovative Consulting

Technology Commercialization

A UVG client was awarded $15 million from the State of Ohio for development of a novel bio-based material. UVG managed the client’s technical team to develop a compelling technical project and positioned the program optimally for the funding agency. UVG provided full service narrative writing, budget justification, and supporting documentation. The project was submitted on-time, and was reviewed by the agency as “the strongest application received, very clearly written, and compelling”.

Client Testimonials

[UVG] was critical in supporting key decisions regarding the direction of AVS, as we aimed to define our best objectives for a rapidly evolving business model. UVG clearly understands the startup environment and ... [t]he quality and nature of the work performed by UVG was precisely what we needed, and precisely when we needed it. AVS recognizes great value in UVG’s product, and hopes to work with UVG more in the future.-- Stephanie A. Smith, Chief Scientist, Algaeventure Systems, Inc.

Profitable Exit

Neulogic Media was trying to compete in an extremely crowded and competitive market space. Its investors had become impatient and its staff had become discouraged. UVG conducted a strategic assessment and advised Neulogic to focus on a specific niche area, Local Community Foundations (LCFs), where the company had the potential to dominate the market. Neulogic became a recognized leader in their niche. In 2006, Neulogic was approached by a buyer that was attracted by Neulogic’s position of influence and niche market leadership. A successful sale of Neulogic was consummated in January 2007.

Client Testimonials

UVG has broad entrepreneurial experience as well as skills coaching startup entrepreneurs; and the exceptional clarity of market insight, especially as it relates to new technologies. I have observed UVG's ... insight that is critical for the success of a new venture. -- Mark Butterworth, Principal, Innovation 4ward

Economic Development

A UVG client needed to install new, energy-efficient equipment in its manufacturing facility, or face shutting the facility down. UVG helped the company position its project with the state economic development agency. UVG clearly communicate the benefits of keeping the manufacturing facility competitive, include job creation, tax base, and community enrichment. The client was awarded $900,000 to install energy-saving upgrades, and the facility is now saving over $300,000 per year in energy costs.