Commercialization Strategy

Commercialization Strategy

Most emerging innovations have multiple paths to commercialization.

Inventors may feel overwhelmed by the multiple opportunities, or may try to pursue too many products or markets (and never achieve a commercial outcome on any one). UVG helps prioritize different market opportunities, business models, and funding strategies to develop an optimal strategy for our clients. UVG commercialization strategy combines the elements that drive market adoption with our clients’ unique framing factors to describe high-level strategy for achieving a valuable commercial outcome.

UVG leverages traditional market data, such as market size and trends, value system analysis, and commercialization benchmarks, but UVG goes well beyond standard marketing information. The UVG commercialization strategy provides our clients with clear, practical next steps, ranging from additional technical development, partnership needs, funding opportunities, and specific commercialization tactics. UVG’s goal is to give clear, actionable guidance to our clients and facilitate taking the next step in commercialization regardless of the innovation’s stage of technical development.

UVG connects Clients with Qualified Individuals within Target Firms

Often, the most challenging step in commercializing technology is finding and connecting with a qualified prospective buyer or partner. Although secondary market research is invaluable in identifying market opportunities, ultimately it is the customer who decides to buy. Targeted leads not only validate the specific capabilities of the subject innovation, but also may become buyers, development partners, or licensees.

UVG connects its clients with action-oriented prospective buyers. UVG qualifies firms based on proprietary methodology and our clients’ unique framing factors. UVG not only identifies target firms, but also the specific decision-maker(s) within those firms. UVG effectively positions client technology to highlight to the prospective buyer all relevant and important aspects of the subject technology. The result is a qualified, interested lead ready to engage with the client.

UVG identifies actionable steps for commercialization, and helps secure the partners and funding required to take those steps

  • Client framing factors
  • Gather primary market data to develop a clear value proposition
    • Identify any additional development needs
  • Prioritize market opportunities
  • Funding strategies for technical development or commercialization
  • Identify partners for development or commercialization


  • Client framing factor assessment
  • Target market assessments, including value chain and competitive analysis
  • Primary market research with industry members and potential customers/licensees
  • Specific, action-oriented, practical guidance for commercializing the subject technology