Enterprise Value

The UVG team has sat on both sides of the table in M&A transactions where an enterprise’s value is determined. We understand that while the value may get finalized at that table, it is determined well before that time – in the decisions and actions taken every day in the business.

The UVG team collaborates with business leaders to review current plans and performance. Small adjustments today frequently yield significant changes in enterprise value tomorrow. We consult with you and discuss both small and large changes that will be meaningful to your overall success.

Enterprise value matters well beyond M&A negotiations. Capital access costs are influenced by enterprise value – enterprise value is often the difference between influencing the terms or being influenced by them.

UVG brings a network of relationships and advisors to help a business build its core value. Value creation is a social construct, and relationships are at its core. UVG practices lay the foundations for enterprise value creation, and as importantly, value capture.