Structured Ideation

Structured Ideation

To fund development of an invention beyond its initial discovery, an inventor often must clearly identify and describe a set of commercial opportunities. Simply generating a list of applications is often not sufficient. Funding agencies and investors want to know that opportunities have been qualified and prioritized.

Generating a prioritized, qualified list of market opportunities requires a structured approach. The UVG innovation engine provides an efficient and targeted method of identifying qualified market opportunities for a subject invention. UVG’s deep technical capabilities and market-facing approach efficiently qualifies and prioritizes applications.

By aggregating technical requirements across market opportunities, UVG provides inventors with a sense of both overall market opportunity and the relative importance of different technical capabilities. Combined with the framing factors of the organization, UVG gives a clear view of the addressable commercial opportunity landscape to support for intermediate stages of development.

Structured Ideation provides critical information for additional technical investment

  • Prioritized List of Market Opportunities
  • Assessment of framing factor fit
  • Comparative market importance of technical capabilities
  • Justification for additional investment in technical development


  • Client framing factor assessment
  • List of product-market opportunities along with technical readiness/fit
  • Market research on a large array of markets relevant to the subject platform
    • Competitor analysis
    • Technical gap analysis
    • Opportunity fit analysis
  • Product-market prioritization based on technical fit, market fit, and client framing factors


A UVG client developed a novel bio-based specialty material. UVG identified over 30 distinct market opportunities, and compared specifications against competitive products in the market. Based on the client’s framing factors and the degree of technical capability relative to each application’s needs, UVG provided a prioritized product target list. UVG then performed primary and secondary market research to qualify the markets’ sizes and needs. To help the client track the multiple opportunities, UVG designed a dashboard that incorporates technical risk, customizable client framing factors, and market fit. This tool allowed the client to monitor development of the technology relative to the selected applications, continually providing updated prioritization, market opportunity/fit, and degree of technical readiness.