Innovation Services


UVG helps its clients identify valuable innovations and guide them toward commercial outcomes. UVG’s work is guided by our proprietary CMO methodology and the specific framing factors that describe commercial success for each client.

Inventing Organizations

For Universities, Government Laboratories, or Contract Research Organizations, UVG helps qualify commercial interest in subject inventions, and provides organization-wide technology screening and commercialization. For subject inventions that are identified as having commercial promise, UVG will identify and prioritize market opportunities, leverage market data to guide technical development, develop commercialization strategies, identify funding sources, and connect with prospective partners.

Commercial Enterprises

For commercial entities, UVG helps source and validate technology acquisitions, R&D and sales partnerships. Innovation managers must quickly vet and validate an innovation’s stage of development and degree of protection before negotiating to acquire rights to a third party technology. Additionally, understanding applications outside your organization’s core competency can help to more accurately value the deal and identify valuable terms or exclusions.
UVG validates a broad array of subject innovations, assesses stage of development, and compares innovation with competing technologies along market-critical dimensions. UVG supplies supporting market data to identify needs for technical development, validate commercialization strategies, identify cooperative funding sources, and connect with new prospective R&D partners. UVG can even leverage its CMO methodology to identify alternative or secondary market opportunities for out-licensing or new business development.