Leadership and Performance Coaching

Leadership and Performance Coaching

For startups and established firms alike, a key to success is the effectiveness of the leadership team. Business leaders need self-awareness, clear alignment with enterprise objectives, and focus. The UVG team brings a collection of tools and techniques to help a leadership team achieve its potential.

The foundation of the UVG process is making sure leaders share a thorough understanding of the objectives of the business. Business leaders much understand how business objectives synchronize with the key aspects of the business.

UVG brings a structured approach to understanding this business system from which action plans can be created, as illustrated at right. All businesses are influenced by common factors, including the industry they serve and the specific features of the individual business. Those factors influence the products that the company sells. The nature of the products governs the systems needed for product development, manufacture, sales, and support. The skills embodied in the company team, and the attitude of that team govern the execution and delivery of those systems.

UVG believes that good decision making requires a clear view of what is actually happening to the business and in the marketplace. Awareness requires accurate data collection and clear presentation of data. Although financial performance of the company is one important set of data, it is not enough:

  • Awareness of where staff is spending their time to assess alignment with business objectives
  • Clear customer feedback mechanisms help business leaders to gauge the effectiveness of product offerings against competitive offerings and customer service
  • Listening to staff to gain insight and engage them more fully

Truly excellent performance comes from practice. Whether in sports or business, intentional practice builds consistent excellence. UVG leadership coaches help executives get their eye on the ball, and keep it there.