Market-Guided Research

Market-Guided Research

UVG provides targeted market research for clients actively developing or refining an innovation. For inventions with a clear application focus, UVG validates market demand and identifies additional capabilities that must be demonstrated in order to meet customer requirements. This market-facing research informs and guides clients’ on-going investments into additional technical development.

Market-Guided Research is typically performed on technologies at an intermediate stage of development. Using targeted market research to inform in-progress technical development – rather than after technology development concludes – accelerates and reduces the investment required to monetize innovation.


  • Quantified and prioritized market opportunities
    • Assess technical fit with target markets
    • Identify market needs not addressed by subject technology
    • Compare opportunities with client framing factors
  • Gap analysis of current capabilities relative to market needs
  • Prioritized list of research/attribute targets
  • Market-based justification for further research investment


A UVG client developed a novel soy-based material. UVG identified 9 distinct market opportunities, and compared over 10 different specifications against competitive products in the market. Based on the market opportunity (size and attractiveness) and the costs and time associated with closing gaps, UVG recommended short, medium, and long term opportunities to pursue. The researchers were given a prioritized list of attributes to test and refine, while the technology transfer managers were given competitive market data to justify additional investment in the research.