Invention Screening

Rapid Invention Screening

UVG provides low-cost, rapid invention screening services for universities, R&D organizations, and non-profits. UVG delivers critical market and commercialization information that clients use to prioritize their commercialization efforts. UVG’s protocol is guided by client-specific Framing Factors, such as organizational strengths, mission, and time/investment parameters.
The output of the screening is a 3-5 page report that provides a clear assessment of the maturity of the technology, types of commercialization opportunity, and the approximate time and level of investment required to achieve them.

Proven Protocol

UVG has successfully deployed its low-cost rapid-screening protocol for institutions like the Battelle Memorial Institute and The Ohio State University. As new inventions are reported by inventors, UVG performs an initial evaluation of the commercial opportunity, and delivers results in under 30 days. UVG has successfully operated the protocol on over 100 technologies.


  • High-throughput early-stage screening
  • Prioritize time and investment in new submissions
  • Rapid response to inventors/technology commercialization offices/other stakeholders
  • 3-5 page report with references
  • Practical next steps for commercialization
  • Projected type of opportunity (e.g. license, startup, etc.)
  • Estimated level of time and investment to commercialization
  • Additional revenue opportunities – sponsored research, grants, collaborations
  • Market pain points addressable by the subject technology
  • Related/competitive technologies
  • Benchmarking (related/similar licenses or startups)
  • Client-specific Framing Factor identification
  • Local, National, or Global market focus
  • Regulatory or legal outlook
  • Time-based “Window of Opportunity” assessment
  • Review of early-stage scientific literature to project future competitive advantage