Market Intelligence and DTA

UVG gathers real-world market information from actual (prospective) customers, and delivers it to you. We not only detail market needs, dynamics, and trends, but introduce you to real customers to learn precisely what they want and need. 

Validated, timely data about markets, customers, and competition is necessary to plot a path to market. Introductions to new, potential customers, who are eager to engage during development, is invaluable. UVG provides both. 

UVG is an authorized DTA Provider


Discretionary Technical Assistance (DTA)

DoD (Army, Navy, DARPA, more) SBIRs offer Discretionary Technical Assistance (DTA) funding for Phase I and Phase II awards. DTA funds are in addition to the normal SBIR program budget. DTA funds can be used to commercialization and other activities. UVG can help you secure this "add-on" funding, and then use it to provide market intelligence and other services.

NASA Commercialization Technical Assistance (CTA)

NASA offers similar funding as DTA for its Phase II SBIRs. The Commercialization Technical Assistance (CTA) program is in addition to your program budget, and can be used to advance commercial applications of your SBIR program. 

SBIR Proposal Commercialization Plan

Phase I SBIRs require a brief commercialization narrative. In the most competitive SBIR topics, this section is a tie-breaker. Phase II awards require a full commercialization plan, and Phase II awards include commercialization success metrics in evaluation. 

UVG writes compelling, realistic commercialization plans that enhance your funding chances, and inform your overall commercialization strategy.

Market Data for Business Decision Making


Primary Research

We provide access to real-world customers to generate insightful, actionable market intelligence. 


Secondary Research

We leverage proprietary data sources, industry publications, trade journals, and more to gather market intelligence.


Industry Engagement & Commercialization Plans

We specialize in creation of industry engagement and commercialization plans. We characterize emerging and dynamic markets, and provide clear insight. 

SBIR Applications: We write commercialization sections for SBIR submissions.