Proposal Development (Grant Writing)

We offer a full, flexible range of proposal development services.

 For each proposal effort, UVG forms a custom team including writers, editors, project managers, budget specialists, and subject experts. Complementing our internal proposal writing expertise, we leverage a national network of subject matter experts to assist your organization with: 

  • Funding strategy
  • Agency alignment
  • New content writing and heavy editing
  • Content editing
  • Red/pink team (external) reviews
  • Grant/project management

UVG's flexible, responsive approach has helped UVG clients win over $625 million in funding. 

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  •  1:1 coaching on proposal writing, editing, and management support for all experience levels

Proposal Reviews


  • Compliance reviews: compliance with the requirements in the RFP
  • Full budget review 
  • Strategic (pink team) reviews focused on narrative, detail, and messaging
  • Tactical (red team) reviews with an evaluator’s perspective



  • Review for compliance, clarity, messaging, grammatical detail
  • Formatting to improve ease of reading and finding detail 

Full Service Writing


  • Scalable writing team of industry experts
  • Technical Narratives
  • Budgets, Budget Narratives
  • Supporting Documents 

Agency Engagement


  • Engaging funding agencies to maximize visibility and alignment
  • Alignment and vision setting
  • Partnering / teaming

Grant/Project Management


  • Post-award management
  • Compliance management
  • Outcome reporting
  • Documentation 

UVG Specializes in BARDA Funding