About Urban Venture Group (UVG)

UVG Experience

UVG has over 140 combined years of experience working with federal, state, and local granting agencies. We offer practical, market-facing guidance to research organizations and tech transfer offices to accelerate value creation.


The UVG Approach

For each customer, UVG forms a custom-tailored team including UVG core consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs). The UVG core team has over 140 combined years in funding and entrepreneurial experience. We leverage our national network of SMEs to provide deep subject insight to our clients. 

UVG's flexible approach makes us responsive, scalable, and cost-effective.


UVG Values

UVG was founded to help our clients make a difference with new innovations and research. Our values are core to our business, and guide how we work every day: 

  • Focus on the Client
  • Deliver Value
  • Commit to Quality
  • Protect Proprietary Information
  • Act Ethically

Meet the UVG Team


Burr Zimmerman, PhD

Paula Stephenson, PhD

Paula Stephenson, PhD

Building on his experience in medical device and therapeutic industries, Burr founded UVG to meet the early-stage capital needs of technology developers. Burr engages clients and seeks deep understanding of your needs and goals. Burr provides leadership, management, and strategy for UVG clients.


Paula Stephenson, PhD

Paula Stephenson, PhD

Paula Stephenson, PhD

Paula has over 35 years of experience in writing and managing technical proposals. She specializes in university and non-profit clients, and diverse, collaborative proposals. Paula's lengthy track record of success spans science, engineering, training, education, and more.  


Deidre Torrey

Paula Stephenson, PhD

Deidre Torrey

Deidre is a dynamic proposal writer and manager, with over 10 years experience developing funding strategies for industry, university, and non-profit clients. She has diverse experience ranging from health to energy to infrastructure. 


Katie Repsher

David Brownstein

David Brownstein

 Katie provides project management, pre- and post-award budget development, proposal development, compliance, and market research. Katie has a diverse skill set including data analysis,  project management, and writing.  


David Brownstein

David Brownstein

David Brownstein

Dave is the co-founder of UVG, and a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. With training in mathematics and computer science, Dave brings strategic focus and data-driven decision making. 

Industries Served

Health and Biotechnology

 Medical devices, diagnostic tools, research tools, therapeutics, biomarkers 


High performance and lightweight materials: 

Polymers, composites; Metals; ceramics; Coatings; Biomaterials; nanomaterials.  


Batteries, wind, solar, biofuels, grid storage, smart grid 


Advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, energy efficiency.