Client Testimonials

"Delivers value that exceeds expectations."

 "The UVG team helps us identify markets and early adopters across a broad portfolio of technologies. They learn quickly and communicate clearly so we can reach the right customers and deliver value that exceeds expectations."  

-- Dr. Michael Rauscher, VP, Cornerstone Research Group

"I always want UVG on my team."

"There is no one I trust more than Burr and the UVG team for proposal development, especially centers / large grants." 

-- Dr. Meg Bouvier, Meg Bouvier Medical Writing

"Deep, thoughtful analysis."

"It was hard to have my proposal analyzed and thoroughly deconstructed. However, the suggestions made were spot-on. Not only did UVG make my proposal better, they also taught me skills that will make future proposals better too."

- Dr. Matthew McMurray, Miami University

"Turn a weakness into a strength."

"Thanks for the recent pink team review.  You identified a flaw in the proposal that you felt was serious. In response we saw the entire issue was omitted in the literature. We were able to turn this 'hole' into a core innovation in the revised submission.  We went from weakness to strength! Thanks again for the great comments."

-- Dr. Bob Applebaum, Miami University

"UVG is always working for me."


"[UVG Principal] Burr [Zimmerman] isn't just a grant writer. He is helping me build my research career. He's always looking to find new ways to work for me, well beyond the scope of work and beyond what I ever conceived."

-- Mark Weir, The Ohio State University

“Changed our Culture.”

"UVG helped bring our story to life in the form of a Government-compliant proposal they expeditiously processed, resulting in funding to support commercialization of our technology. Kelly and Burr subsequently led efforts to develop and implement processes for Earned Value Management compliance."

-- Andrew Quick, Sr. Vice President Clinical Development for Avita Medical

-- Sandra Dye, Sr. Project Manager for Avita Medical


"A teacher, not just a consultant."

"Burr has made my proposals better, and he has also helped me become a better writer and clearer thinker. Burr has taught me skills that will last throughout my career."   

-- Dr. Dawn Carr, Florida State University